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“A reminder to all of us that these represent long-range principles and directions, not fixed physical plans.” — Bill Johnson

The Northfield Roundtable creates the framework plan, a document designed to be inspirational rather than prescriptive, with an emphasis on what could be as opposed to what should be. The goal is to encourage long-range visioning that will keep Northfield, Minnesota, an attractive and vibrant place to live, learn, work and play . . . well into the future.

New ideas are tested with the need to preserve balanced with the need to build. This is an on-going discussion that finds a fit and compromise to provide forward momentum. A framework plan supports a larger idea of the whole, the interconnected and synergistic identity, that is easily lost when individual elements are only considered as separate entities or identities.

The framework plan is created through a series of community brainstorming sessions. For more information, contact a member.

To learn more about our principles, click here. To learn more about the framework plan, click here.