Framework Plan

The Northfield Roundtable creates the framework plan, a document designed to be inspirational rather than prescriptive, with an emphasis on what could be as opposed to what should be. The goal is to encourage long-range visioning that will keep Northfield, Minnesota, an attractive and vibrant place to live, learn, work and play . . . well into the future. To view our most recent plan, click here.

Bill Window on the Riverfront


  • Provide a visual and textual concept for development and redevelopment opportunities in Northfield.

  • Strengthen Northfield’s core historic business/arts/cultural district while recognizing how these districts are surrounded and supported by residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, educational and recreational districts.

  • Guide thoughtful and measured growth for the greater downtown area.

  • Foster a sense of community.

  • Integrate the urban setting with natural features while respecting the rural landscapes that are integral to the greater Northfield area.

  • Support the vision, identity and key directions articulated in the Northfield Comprehensive Plan.


2014 Framework Plan (file here)

2013 Framework Plan (for file, click here!)

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Executive Summary

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